Interior work

CNC routers are inexpensive ways of creating the most innovative interior designs at low cost. With the CNC wood router it is indeed possible to bring out unique designs on both wood and metal. Even the unique complex geometry designs which aids to uplift the decorum can be bought to life using a CNC Router.

Architecture Mill Work

A Robozz CNC Router can closely mimic the artisan’s skills seen in moldings, arches, carvings, corbels, as well as in columns. An architectural millwork firm can completely bank on the Robozz CNC router’s ability and can deliver excellent designs on any kinds of tangible materials.

Wood works

Robozz CNC router ensures that all kinds of wood shaping needs are met with greater efficiency and accuracy thereby saving time and reducing labor in wood shop. Starting from cabinet to a furniture manufacturing almost all carving needs are met using a Robozz CNC router.

Metal Engraving

Robozz CNC router can engrave any complex designs on all kinds of metal with its ability to adjust depth, speed and direction a perfect and a clear formidable engraving can be formed.

Stone Carving

Carving a stone once used to be a complex work and a heavy time-consuming labor. Now with Robozz CNC router one can easily carve arts, pictures, and designs on any kinds of stones like marble, granite, ceramic tiles and more, just at the throw of a hat.

Stone Engraving

Engraving a logo, number, mark or any unique art over a stone can be done using Robozz CNC router machine. The Tooling, software and a User friendly interface of Robozz router ensures that- the work is completed without any errors thereby saving both time and labor.