The race to build 3D printed house has begun. Team of architects across the world are already investigating methods to 3D print structures used in buildings, but predominantly 3D printers are used by renowned architects to build model housed and check for elevation aesthetics before proceeding with construction.


Consumers of Jewels always look for collections, earlier it took a long time for jewelers to conceptualize a seasoned design & even more time to manufacture a complex design. Now with 3D printers, Jewelers can easily jump from conceptualization to a tangible jewel. Reduce the time to market and easily update jewel collections every now and then.

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Manufacture your prototypes and test it as soon as you complete your design. Our range of 3D printers help you in faster production of prototypes, now you can test and tweak your designs, verify it instantly. You are now empowered with a machine that turns all your ideas into tangible products.


Medical Industry experts have approved 3D printing practices for manufacturing surgical equipment’s, Dental implants, hearing aids, prostheses, implants and also medical devices suiting particular individual.


In automotive industry 3D printers can be used for wide range of applications, starting from manufacturing prototypes to molds. it can even be deployed for manufacturing critical components in automobiles. Our Engineers will completely study the production process and discover avenues to implement 3D printers, So that automotive companies can save time and bring in quality.


Aerospace Industries have components with challenging geometries, Earlier it took weeks to manufacture even the prototype. With the induction of 3D printers, all component prototypes can be instantly printed, tested and verified before moving the design for mass production.


Students who are passive consumers now, can turn into active creators with the help of 3D printers. Students/Teachers can now turn any digital project file into three dimensional projects using 3D printers.


Defense Industry has deadlines which are non-negotiable because any time is critical for the industry. Now Engineers in military & defense have the freedom to design a single end-use part, quickly create low-volume tooling, or build complex, precise prototypes.



Can you imagine the costume of Jarvis used in Iron man- 2 is entirely 3D printed? 3D printers have wide range of applications in 3D animations and VFX industry. Industry experts can sketch a model 3D print and visually bring perfection while detailing the model.